Key Management


Ivan Gekht – CEO

Ivan started with Gehtsoft as a Quality Assurance specialist making sure that every in-house development project was done correctly and performed as per customer specifications.  Showing his skill in this area he quickly became the QA lead, followed by Business Analysist, Product Manager and then on to Lead Analyst.  Performing all of these duties with an unerring eye to detail and proving he had the ability to not only perform each of the company tasks,  but to manage the company as a whole, Ivan was promoted to CEO. Ivan’s thorough and complete understanding of every function in the company makes him a superlative CEO and guarantees each and every client of Gehtsoft USA a perfectly working product delivered on time and within budget constraints.

With all of his experience in product development and business management Ivan has been able to grow the company from a startup to employing over 70 people, and recently opening two new offices in the US, all within a ten year period.

Ivan’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the business’s day-to-day operations as well as managing its long- term strategic planning, while maintaining a dialogue with all of the companies clients to ensure their satisfaction.

He is also very hands-on with a number of Gehtsoft’s innovative products for the financial services market, such as: FX Trading Station II, a Forex trading platform; TSMobile, a mobile trading platform; FX Marketscope II, a technical analysis tool; among several others. In addition, Ivan is still actively involved in QA procedures, implementing systems that ensure Gehtsoft’s commitment to quality software development, delivered on-time, are consistently achieved.

Ivan holds a Diploma of Higher Education (Master of Science equivalent) in Rocket Engineering from Omsk State Technical University in Russia.


Nikolay Gekht – Managing Partner

Every software development company needs a super-star developer, and Nikolay is our go-to guy for creative and effective solutions for the most difficult software problems. He is one of the top ten software developers in the world.

Nick is a co-founder of Gehtsoft USA and has been very instrumental in its growth and success-calling upon years of experience he has working in the company as a software developer, a project manager, a quality assurance manager and a senior software developer. Nick knows the company inside and out and understands exactly what needs to be done to get every project completed to our client’s complete satisfaction. A mark of a true manager is his ability to perform all of the tasks under his supervision and Nick has proven himself every time since the company’s founding.

Nick is responsible for the software development process for all of Gehtsoft USA’s clients, including requirement analysis, architecture design and product development.Two of Gehtsoft’s signature accomplishments-the award winning FX Trading Station and the technical analysis tool: FX Marketscope, are the direct result of Nikolay’s strong analysis, design and software skills.

Nikolay is the direct manager of Gehtsoft’s team of 70 high-end software developers. He also handles all personnel training as required. He was instrumental in the development of two superb training courses entitled, Requirements Management, and Effective Software Design.

Nikolay holds a Diploma of Higher Education (Master of Science equivalent) in Engineering and System Analyst from Omsk State Technical University in Russia.