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Implementing what others consider impossible for the last quarter century.

Family-owned and operated consulting business

About Gehtsoft


We are business owners, so we know your pains firsthand. We don’t develop custom software projects. We alleviate the pain.


Confidence in Business Outcomes

When working with subcontractors, business owners constantly worry about wasting two of their most precious resources: time and money. If the software doesn't work as intended, it negatively impacts business operations and customer satisfaction. Moreover, delivering a subpar product will harm the business's reputation, leading to potential loss of customers and revenue.

We protect you from that risk.


Seamless Operation

If the new software doesn't integrate well with existing systems, it disrupts daily operations and leads to downtime, affecting overall productivity and costing you profits and time. Compatibility issues frustrate employees who have to deal with malfunctioning or inefficient systems, leading to reduced morale and productivity.

We ensure smooth and continuous operations.


Predictable Cost Management

Financial pressure can be overwhelming. Keeping the project within budget is crucial. Unexpected costs inevitably will strain the business's finances and lead to difficult decisions about reallocating funds. To manage costs, compromises need to be made on other business investments, likely slowing growth or innovation in other areas. Are you willing to make those sacrifices?

We give you confidence in cost and budget management.


Complete Project Management

Poor project management often results in wasted resources, both time and money. These resources could have been allocated elsewhere in the business, allowed you to buy a new yacht, or funded your kid’s college education. Balancing timelines, budgets, and deliverables can lead to burnout, and the overall experience is sure to be simply overwhelming.

We make projects simple for you.


Clear and Transparent Communication

Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and a product that doesn't meet expectations. It is incredibly stressful and frustrating, especially when time is of the essence. Spending extra time clarifying requirements, addressing misunderstandings, and ensuring effective communication takes away from focusing on other critical business areas.

We speak your language.


Confidence in Every Decision

A lack of technical knowledge makes it difficult to make informed decisions and assess the subcontractor's work, leading to a feeling of inadequacy or dependency. Without understanding the technical aspects, making crucial decisions about the project can be daunting, leading to delays and potential mistakes.

We never come to the table empty-handed, and you are never alone.


About our business

What does it mean to be a Siberian?


It means to be resilient, resourceful, self-reliant, and gritty. It means being connected with nature, being hospitable, proud of your culture, practical, adaptable, and enduring whatever challenges life throws you. And this is who we are, as people and as a company.

Born and raised in Siberia and having grown internationally, we know how to thrive in harsh conditions. We are natural problem-solvers who know how to make your project successful. 


25 years in the making, more than 100 successful projects, including over three dozen innovative, “it is impossible to do this” ones. 


We have served over 5 million users, have over 11 million lines of code in production, and have saved millions of dollars for our customers. Our products have seen more than 100 countries and were the “very first” in the USA, Germany, and even the entire world. We were trusted to run our applications on the New York Stock Exchange, take care of highly regulated financial projects, and step in when success seemed almost impossible. 


If you have a failing project, rare, unpredictable deliveries, or outright hear that what you need is impossible to achieve, talk to us. We can help.

We are problem solvers. Our best service is solving issues that others back down from. We are often asked, "What industry do you work in?” or “Did you solve similar problems?” We are not your regular “conveyor belt” software developers who do hundreds of similar projects. If you need something like your competitor has, there are plenty of options on the market that will help you better than us.


We are here to help those who want to be ahead, those who do not want to settle for something  everyone else has. We do turn-key solutions for a variety of industries and project conditions.


  1. Do you need a product to automate the business process in a market where government regulations are not even finalized yet? We did one just like that. In crypto-accounting.

  2. Do you need a legacy system upgrade from something over ten years old, and no one knows how it works and why? Do you need it to support your process, starting in six weeks? We did one just like that. In agriculture.

  3. Do you need a product that will expose you to millions of people and needs to run with a triple-nine level of reliability? Yep, we did one, and it ran on the NYSE for four years without a single failure.

  4. Do you need an API that 90% of senior-level developers call “impossible” during the interview? We have had one in production for the past two years. In Fintech.


We do not specialize in “technologies,” “stacks,” or other BS. These are all tools. You don’t ask a carpenter if they specialize in hammers or saws. We did projects in assembler, C++, .Net, Java, and React, using Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL, running on local environments and cloud services. And we did much more. 


We will tailor a solution, considering not just development efficiency here and now but also the Total Cost of Ownership for your product and your plans for its future.

































Grey Round Patterns

We don’t have one. No BS, seriously, we don’t. We assembled a team with education in mathematics, electrical engineering, radio engineering, psychology, computer science, data systems, organic chemistry, and even rocket science to give us a breadth of knowledge. We learned everything there is to know about software engineering and process management. We validated our knowledge on the highest levels. When we run Scrum, we have two PSM-III certified people who are a part of just another 1000 people worldwide with that level of Scrum knowledge. When we run Six Sigma, we employ one Master Black Belt and one Black Belt in Six Sigma. When we run Disciplined Agile, we have DA-VSC and DA-SSM on staff. 


We don’t adapt your business to our process. We adapt our process to fit your business needs uniquely. 


Small businesses usually lack enough depth and breadth of knowledge, which is why they have to be highly specialized and do similar projects. Due to their size, large corporations do not adapt to your needs.


We uniquely join the best of both worlds. That is why we succeed where both larger corporations and smaller businesses fail.

Our "secret sauce"



How do we solve your problems?

Confidence in
Business Outcomes

We manage risks, expectations, and communication.

We establish early and continuous delivery.

We measure success through achieved goals and value-oriented business metrics, not implemented requirements.


We are focused on user-centric development.

We have extensive experience as integrators.

Predictable Cost

We make sure you gain confidence over the budget.

We use Agile Budgeting.

We treat your money as an investment and ensure ROI.

Complete Project


We commit to project completion.

We implement turn-key products.

We are effective in project management.

Clear and Transparent

We provide regular updates through early delivery. 

We are criticism connoisseurs.


We speak your language.


We act fast. 

Confidence in
Every Decision

We are educators. 

We speak business. 

We never come to the table empty-handed.


What do our clients say about us?

“Our company worked with Gehtsoft for more than 18 years. 90% of our software needs were done by Gehtsoft – very meticulous and on point, reliable and on-time, detail-oriented, easy-going, understanding, and smart guys, a pleasure to work with, definitely looking to do more projects together with Gehtsoft in the future!”

Eduard Yusupov, Co-Founder, FXCM

“Gehtsoft has been an important and strategic partner during my leadership tenure at Hilltop Country Day School. Gehtsoft and their management team provided us with a variety of insights given their experience in technology, business analysis, and consulting services. For a small school with a modest budget, Gehtsoft provided tremendous value for our small business.”

Kevin Folan, Principal, Hilltop Country Day School

“Our team was truly amazed with Gehtsoft’s iterative approach. It was as though we saw the project unfolding in real-time. With the prompt feedback, the team was able to grasp new requirements quickly and implement them in each new revision round within a matter of days. In fact, we were so swept by the process, we didn’t want the project to come to an end! It was very inspiring to be a part of such intense and successful collaboration.”

CPA Team at WINHELLER CPA, a German Tax and Law Firm

“Our relationship with Gehtsoft over the past five years has been nothing short of great as the firm takes a personal stake in seeing that its clients' and partner firms are successful. Their development team's attention to detail throughout the requirements and business-process development stages was fantastic. That thoroughness also extended into the documentation - ensuring that our firm was free to bring on new developer team members who would quickly familiarize themselves with the software via the documentation. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone that's in need of software development and IT services.”

Emmanuel Esochaghi, Group Managing Director, VeraDaniel & Company

“Gehtsoft is the first company we turn to for our high-level software needs. We leverage a number of platforms to provide a continuous, high-quality service for our global customer base, and we can rely on Gehtsoft to deliver exactly what we need every single time. I would recommend them to any organization that requires any support in the realm of software development.”

Evan Milazzo, CTO, Tradu

Cracked Concrete Wall


Your questions, answered

  • Where are you located?
    We are fully remote organization, and we have people from 13 different countries working for us right now.
  • What is your price per hour?
    Everything comes with a price. Our services do, too. We are not cheap and do not compete with software development companies that charge $20/hour. We firmly believe that to attract the best resources, you must pay and treat them well. But these people can deliver on the most complex projects. We do not charge for the initial conversation and short consultations. But if you want us to provide a proper proposal and do the work, we will ask for payment. We are also big believers in the Agile Funding approach. Tell us your budget, timeline, and goals, and we’ll find a solution that works within these parameters. Depending on the project size and complexity, proposals usually cost between $5’000-$10’000 USD, but can go up to $20’000 USD. Project and software development process audits usually cost between $5’000 and $20’000 USD. Smaller-size projects, like small ERP systems, MVPs of large systems, and small web or mobile applications, usually start at $75’000 and can go up to $250’000-300’000 for a six-month-long project. Custom enterprise-level web or desktop applications or complex integration operations involving multiple systems can exceed $1,000,000- $5,000,000 USD for a year-plus project.
  • What is your guarantee?
    It is simple - we are an Agile business. If you don’t like what we do, you can cancel the contract within the first week without paying us anything. Moreover, if you are unhappy with the progress of your project, you can cancel the contract with only two weeks' notice. We will use that last sprint to prepare the entire project and transfer it to you before terminating the contract.

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